Houses of Worship Program

Artbeats is offering an exclusive discount to all qualifying Houses of Worship in the United States and Canada. This discount will allow members to purchase stock footage from the Artbeats library at very affordable rates.

The discount program is intended for the purchase of footage used in non-broadcast productions only. Once approved for the program, members will be able to purchase any Artbeats branded NTSC, PAL or HD full resolution clips and collections, using an exclusive discount code.

What is a House of Worship?
Artbeats defines a House of Worship as an establishment or religious assembly where groups of people or congregations come together to perform acts of religious faith, honor or devotion.

What does Non-Broadcast mean?
"Non-Broadcast" is any usage which is NOT incorporated into a derivative work that will be broadcast to the general public, such as feature film, television broadcast, video for redistribution or sale, multimedia work, or advertisement. See our Houses of Worship Program license agreement for further details.

What can footage be used for when purchased under the Houses of Worship Program?
Footage purchased with a Houses of Worship Program discount may be incorporated into any non-broadcast production, such as live performance, internet website, presentation, print project, or locally distributed narrowcast.

Qualifying for the Houses of Worship Program

In order to qualify for the Houses of Worship Program, your organization will need to complete the Houses of Worship Application, agree to use the footage for only non-broadcast production, and submit proof of your organization’s non-profit status. This can be provided in the form of an official government document proving your organization's non-profit status. If you do not have official government documentation, please provide a letter, on your organization's letterhead, from the head of your bookkeeping department or other organization official, stating that your House of Worship is a public charity organized and operating exclusively for religious purposes.

Once we have received all of your information either by email or fax we will begin the qualification process and respond to you within 3 business days.

Contact Us
To begin the qualification process or if you have any questions about our Houses of Worship Program please call our Customer Service Department at 541.863.4429.

Artbeats reserves the right to cancel the Houses of Worship Program at any time.