Artbeats FAQs

How do I search for footage on your site?

You can do a basic keyword search using the search bar in the gray strip on every page of our site. At the left side of your search results page you'll find parameters that can help narrow your search. You can also use the words "And" and "No" in your keywords to further narrow your search (ie: "mountains and sunset not ocean"). Along with your clip results, you may also see Tabs at the top of your search results indicating whether there are Collections or Driving Plates available in the subject matter you're looking for.

We also have an Advanced Search which will allow you to choose specific parameters before you begin your search. Use the checkboxes to select the specs you need, then either enter a keyword or leave that box blank.

If you already know the name of the clip or collection you are looking for, you can simply type the name into the keyword search. Use the word "Or" to find multiple clips or collections (ie: "FRF102 or STR121 or A136-C014").

If you're unable to find the footage you need, or don't have time to search our site, we'll be happy to do the search for you. Fill out our Free Research Request Form.