Artbeats FAQs

Why is a clip that is sourced from HDCAM™ not available as an HD size clip?

Following are the reasons why this could happen:

1. There is some artifact, matte box, or rigging visible on the right or left side of the frame. This means that the cropped SD version is the only viable option.

2. The image was soft. If the focus is not precise, and slightly off, the clip will look blurry on HD, but not SD.

3. The camera was not stable. In order to fix a vibration or unwanted camera movement, we often adjust position up and down, right and left to compensate. This leaves gaps that are visible on the edges. If the gaps are very obvious, we can't make the HD version work, so instead we make a cropped version for SD only.

4. Noise or Grain. If there is a lot of grain visible in the HD version we may choose to use the SD version only. (Since the SD version is reduced in size, the grain is minimalized.)

5. In the past, we have limited the number of HD clips available in a collection because of the size of the Quick Reference Cards. You can always check our website and see if they are available as solo singles.