Artbeats FAQs

How can I convert a QuickTime movie to a Targa sequence on my PC?

A Windows 95/NT based utility called QT2TGA is provided with all Artbeats Digital Film Library titles that are in QuickTime format. Using the “Browse” buttons, choose your source movie from the CD and a destination folder on your PC’s hard disk. Name the file, making sure to use pound signs (#) to designate the numbers for the sequence. You will need to use at least three pound signs for most Artbeats movies. You must also add “.tga” to the end of the file name, or Windows won’t recognize it as a targa file.
Alternately, you can use QuickTime Pro, an inexpensive upgrade to QuickTime that is available from Apple’s website. There are also several excellent third-party products you may want to take a look at. More detailed information is provided in the QT2TGA folder on the product CD and in the user manuals for each product.