Artbeats FAQs

Can I use Artbeat's clips in iMovie?

Yes! iMovie versions 3 and higher allows you to easily import clips. Just go to the "File" menu and select "Import."

One thing that NTSC users must be aware of is that Artbeats clips are 720x486 and iMovie uses 720x480. With most Artbeats clips, you can still simply import and the footage will look fine. But certain Artbeats clips contain interlacing (notably the V-Line and many of our Lifestyles category clips) and these clips need special handling. Simply importing the clips will result in a "jittery" look on a television or broadcast monitor.

However, there is an easy fix using Apple's QuickTime Pro. You can use the "Mask" feature of QuickTime Player Pro Edition to crop a 720x486 clip to 720x480. Using Photoshop or a similar image editor, create a 720x486 image, filled with black. Make a white border at the top and bottom, two pixels thick at the top and four pixels thick at the bottom of the frame. Save this as a PICT file. (This file is available at

Then, in QT Player, open the 720x486 clip you want to modify. Bring up the "Movie Properties" window (cmd-J). On the left pop-up where it says "movie," select "Video Track." Now on the right pop-up (where it probably says "Annotations") select "Mask." Use the Set button to find your mask you just created. Now use the "Save As..." or "Export" command to create a copy of the clip. This copy will be 720x480, and you have preserved the field dominance because you cropped 2 pixels off the top.