Artbeats FAQs

Can I use the "Transitions Volume 1" or "Grand Openings" collections with my video editing/compositing application?

Because the files on Transitions Volume 1 and Grand Openings are not procedural plug-ins that require a certain application or platform, it's easy to use the clips in any video editor or compositor. There are sample projects for several common apps on the CDs in the Extras folder, but the basic method is that you use multiple layers in your timeline. Put your footage on the lowest layer, with a hard cut from one clip to the next. Then place the Transitions or Grand Openings color clip and matte on the layers above, lining up the completely white frame of the matte with your hard cut. Whether the color clip or the matte goes on layer 2 or 3 depends on which application you are using. Consult your video editing application's documentation for specific details.

For instance, in Adobe Premiere, the matte goes on layer 3 and in Apple Final Cut Pro the matte goes on layer 2. Then, in Premiere you set the color clip's layer transparency setting to "Track Matte" and it automatically uses the next higher layer--in this case the matte. In Final Cut Pro, you set the color clip's Composite Mode to "Travel Matte-Luma" and it automatically uses the layer below it. Other applications will have similar settings.