Artbeats FAQs

What does "Royalty Free" mean?

Let us start by saying royalty-free does not mean FREE. You will have to pay an up front fee to license our stock footage. However, once you pay that fee, you can use the footage in just about any broadcast or non-broadcast production, worldwide. Plus, you can use it over and over again, either in the same project or in a different project later without ever having to pay any other fees or royalties.

Some limitations are: The imagery may not be sold as a stock element or as part of any other content library or collection. Footage may not be used for computer screensavers in any way, shape or form, nor may it be used for pornographic, defamatory, or illegal material. Additionally, if the footage is used in the creation of a product that is sold (ie: DVDs, home videos, music videos, training videos, etc.) Artbeats footage may not comprise more than 25% of the project.

This license applies to registered users only. View the complete text of the Artbeats End User License Agreement now. Other custom licenses may be granted at our discretion and may involve further fees. If you have a specific use in mind and wonder if it’s ok, please call us at (541) 863-4429.