Creative Resource
Are We Alone?
Credits: Steve Holmes, Energi Design
Features: The Holy Land HD, Space & Planets, Starfields, Orbital HD, Ultra Water, ReelFire 1, Effects Solo Clips
New Luxury
Credits: Cornerstone Promotion
Features: Business on the Go, Time & Money, Recreation & Leisure, Dolphins, Africa Scenics, Solo Clips
Make Some Noise!
Credits: Otavio Feldens & Edward Davis
Features: Cloud Plates, ReelFire 1, Cyber Journeys HD, Grand Openings
Monarch Insurance
Credits: News Channel 8
Features: Light Clouds & Fog, Ground Rush 1, Country Scenics (V-Line), Timelapse City Effects, Aerial Cloud Backgrounds
Summer Sports Season
Credits: Steve Holmes, Energi Design
Features: Sports Metaphors HD, Sports 1 HD, Golfing HD, Objects 360^0, Lifestyles Solo Clips