Creative Resource

We've gathered samples from Artbeats customers to showcase the endless potential for your projects when you add stock footage to your creative palette. We're sure these innovative ideas will inspire you to think outside the box. Simply click on an image to view the sample.

Eye for a Tooth, Movie Trailer (Crime Drama, Narrative Fiction)
Credits: James Forbes, Director; Miguel Amodio, DP
Features: San Francisco Aerials HD
Credits: proj-ectPRO:JECT
Features: Incarcerated (V-Line)

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Ultimate Chef
Credits: Marina Holshevnikoff from Energi Design with News 8
Features: Features: Code Fury and Establishments Solo Clips
Digital Arts Expo Brazil
Credits: Otavio Feldens Design, Brazil
Features: Establishments Solo Clips, Grow! HD, Grow! 2 HD, Sky Effects HD, Water Effects 2 HD