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Interview with WIM Robberechts


Q: When did you begin shooting?
A: We bought our first gyrostabilized camera system for aerial filming in 1992. Our main activity now is shooting aerial pictures for customers, but ever since the very beginning, we have been making stock footage for our own account.

Q: What is your favorite subject to shoot?
A: There are four aerial cameramen in our company, and I think they all very much like to film airplanes taking off and landing, from a helicopter. Furthermore, we are very fond of abstract images, such as a shoot over the Wadden Sea in the north of Holland. We also love to fly over the French Alps.

Q: Which camera(s) do you prefer for shooting stock footage?
A: We are very happy with our American made Cineflex stabilized camera platforms. We own four of them. The cameras are Sony's 1500 HD in combination with various Fujinon lenses. We still shoot on HDCam tape but we hope to switch very soon to the new Sony XD-Cam HD disc system.

Q: What's your favorite clip that you currently have represented in the Artbeats FootageHub?
A: Our senior cameraman, Evert Cloetens, made a stunning shot of a mountaineer near the Mont-Blanc in France. It's a one-take shot. Evert is a great cameraman, but one has to be lucky sometimes. It is a very long shot: starting off with a general view of the French Alps, with the Mont-Blanc in the background, Evert zooms in with an extremely strong zoom lens to end up with a close up of the mountaineer. It's a one-take shot but it looks like an opening sequence of a very expensive feature film.

Q: What advice can you give to shooters who are just getting started in the stock footage industry?
A: One should always film things which you think will be of use to customers. We try to be the solution to our customers' problem. It is also important to make images that are 'timeless', and that can be sold many years after it has actually been shot. Another slogan of ours is: 'you have to make the picture editor happy.' Shoot different versions of the same subject; directors love to choose. Also try to make shots of 30 seconds or more. Picture editors love it.

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About WIM Robberechts & CO:

WIM ROBBERECHTS & Co is located in Brussels, Belgium. We are well located, and we film all across Europe and also on other continents.

Wim has been filming from helicopters for over thirty years, and he is surrounded by some fine young cameramen such as Evert Cloetens, Tom de Maeyer and Carlo Meuws. Kris de Maeseneer is our office chief. We have 7 stabilized camera systems, and we manage to keep everybody and everyone busy all the time.