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Interview with Andrew YS Cheng of Oriental Red


Q: When did you begin shooting? Or how long have you been shooting stock footage?
A: I began to shoot film in 2001. At that time, I shot and directed my award-winning features "Shanghai Panic" as well as "Welcome to Destination Shanghai". Besides, I shot many documentaries covering many subjects such as lifestyles, recreation, environment, landscapes and Buddhism topics especially related to the eastern oriental world such as China/Tibet.

Q: What is your favorite subject to shoot?
A: Landscapes and lifestyles of people in China/Tibet are my two preferred ones. I spend almost half a year each year travelling in above areas shooting feature and documentary films. Sometimes I have to shoot at a spot, which is over 6000 meters above sea level in the Himalaya region, and can get some unique footage clips seldom found elsewhere.

Q: Which camera(s) do you prefer for shooting stock footage?
A: I use the RED One 4K camera for stock footage shooting. We are going to use RED Epic 5K cameras for stock clips when it comes out.

Q: What's your favorite clip that you currently have represented in the Artbeats FootageHub?
A: I have several favorites, including clips of the landscapes of Shanghai Bund and clips of lifestyles and people in Chinese Yunnan region.

Q: What advice can you give to shooters who are just getting started in the stock footage industry?
A: Persist, persist and persist.

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About Oriental Red:

Oriental Red was founded by Andrew YS Cheng, award-winning director, photographer and producer. The company is aimed on producing comprehensive footage clips, specializing in China, Tibet and Oriental regions. Each year, Oriental Red produces over 5000 normal and landscape clips shot with RED 4K/5K cameras, covering topics such as landscapes, lifestyles, people, industry, agriculture, religion, etc.

In 2001, Andrew YS Cheng directed and shot the feature film "Shanghai Panic", which won the Dragons & Tigers Award at the Vancouver Film Festival. The film was invited to over 20 film festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival.

In 2004, Cheng also directed and shot the feature film "Welcome to Destination Shanghai", which won FIPRESCI AWARDS at the Rotterdam Film Festival, GOLDEN KEY AWARDS at the Europe Art Film Festival, and Silver Camera Awards at the HK Film Festival. The film was invited to over 30 film festivals.

Cheng is also regarded as one of the flagship directors among Chinese 6th generation film directors.