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Interview with A Luna Blue


Q: When did A Luna Blue begin shooting? A: Twenty years ago we started out as filmmakers and visual effects artists. We made award winning short art films and produced effects for high profile Hollywood movies and TV shows. Wanting to work more for ourselves, we formed A Luna Blue in 2001.

Q: Your library is full of a variety of subjects including nature, effects, backgrounds and more. What is your favorite subject matter to shoot/produce? A: We like being in nature and combing it with our artistic and effects backgrounds. So we love tweaking those natural elements into hyper nature / magical realism.

Q: What is the inspiration for some of your computer generated animations? A: Space, dreams, light and natural elements. Our visual inspiration ranges from the Hubble photos to the patterns of light reflections in a tide pool.

Q: Your footage is like a visual travel diary of many different locales. How often do you travel throughout the year to capture stock footage? A: We travel every couple of weeks. Sometimes we come back with tons of footage. . . sometimes nothing. It's always fun.

Q: Which camera(s) do you prefer for shooting stock footage? A: Our camera choice depends on the subject, often we are just shooting elements and then combining them digitally either in 2D or 3D. We use Nikon digital still cameras and an intervalometer shooting at 4k. We also use Sony HD cameras at 1080p.

Q: What advice can you give to shooters who are just getting started in the stock footage industry? A: "Shoot what inspires you, make sure it's high quality and keep an eye on what people buy." That said, some of the work we are most proud of creatively is rarely a best-seller. . . but soul-wise, always worth it.

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About A Luna Blue:

A Luna Blue was formed in 2001 by husband and wife team Barbara and Raymond Pettitt. They named the company after a favorite film shot: A scene in Bertolucci's "Luna" where the blue sky is exquisite.

Based in Hollywood, California they distribute more than 8,000 footage clips through their website and a network of agencies and partners worldwide. Their work is highly creative, beautiful and often strange.