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High Quality Driving Plates Footage available now

We now carry a line of driving plates footage of various cities and locations. A Driving Plate is the moving scenery seen through the windows of a vehicle when the actors of a television show or film are “driving” somewhere. You may also know them as process plates, car plates, or vehicle plates. Essentially, they are moving POVs shot simultaneously from multiple angles.

Driving Plates Sets are filmed as either 5-Angle panoramic sets, or 9-Angle HD sets.
Artbeats driving plates can be purchased as individual clips, or as a set. You'll find either 5-Angle or 9-Angle sets in our library. A 5-Angle set consists of four panoramic (wide) views shot from the front, back and sides of the car, as well as a reflection plate. (See chart below for actual resolution of each angle.) The reflection plate (angle #5) is the image you see reflected on the windshield. A 9-Angle set is filmed in two passes down the same section of road. With this type of set, you'll not only get the front, back, sides and reflection plate, but also the 3/4 angles from the left front, right front, left back and right back of the car. Depending on the differences in traffic between the first and second passes, individual clip lengths may vary in a 9-Angle set. For these instances, both passes may be edited together in sync by adjusting their position on a timeline. Often the filming location or time of day determines whether a set is filmed in 5 angles or 9 angles. Consult the clip information or set information pages to determine how many angles are in a particular set.


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Driving Plates can be found by doing a keyword search in the gray strip at the top of every page. Simply type in any keyword or words along with the keywords "Driving Plates" and press SEARCH. (see example at right)

You can also browse all of our Driving Plates simply by typing in only the keywords "Driving Plates".

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5-Angle Driving Plate Info


View All 5 Angles Playing Preview: This preview shows all five angles playing simultaneously. You'll find a link to this preview on any 5-Angle driving plate clip information page.


Overlap Preview - This preview shows all four horizontal angles in relation to each other. (The Reflection Plate was omitted from this preview.)