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Clip name: CMG-FH111-41

Royalty-Free Clip Information: this clip is only available online in the resolutions listed.

HD Clip with Frame Rate: 24.0 fps
PROGRESSIVE (1920x1080, 89.4 MB)
Clip length: 05:19 (time in seconds:frames)
$299 Not Yet Available

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Seamless Looping: No
Matte Provided: No
Delivered Codec: PhotoJPEG
Raw Audio: No

Clip Keywords: casino, casinos, chance, chances, craps, crapshoot, dice, gamble, gambles, gambling, game, games, play, playing, plays, shooting craps, shooting dice, table, tables

Clip information:

Description: Dice bouncing across a craps table

Brand: FootageHub

Category: Establishments

Source: RED ONE Camera

Property Release:
Not Applicable

Talent Release:
Not Applicable

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