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Clip name: BCT-FH115-02

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HD Clip with Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
PROGRESSIVE (1920x1080, 283 MB)
Clip length: 15:25 (time in seconds:frames)
$199 Not Yet Available

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Seamless Looping: No
Matte Provided: No
Delivered Codec: Photo JPEG
Raw Audio: No

Clip Keywords: food, eating, eats, eat, share, sharing, shares, animal, animals, female, females, daughters, daughter, wilderness, foods, body, park, Africa, African, animals/wildlife, nature, grass, natural, wildlife, queen, mammal, head, death, cooperation, leader, friendly, savanna, carcass, predator, prey, hunt, hunting, danger, meat, hyena, hyenas, blood, bone, dangerous, wild, command, hunter, carnivore, spotted, crocuta, juvenile, rank

Clip information:

Description: Hyena mother and baby

Brand: Bushmanlive

Category: Animals

Source: HD Video

Property Release:
Not Applicable

Talent Release:
Not Applicable

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