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Clip name: CWR113

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HD Clip with Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
PROGRESSIVE (1920x1080, 407 MB)
Clip length: 14:25 (time in seconds:frames)
From collection: Children of the World 1 HD (30 clips) $1,099

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Seamless Looping: No
Matte Provided: No
Delivered Codec: Photo JPEG
Raw Audio: No

Clip Keywords: Cayambe, Ecuador, Ecuadorean, Hispanic, Hispanic ethnicity, Hispanics, Latin America, Latin American, Latin American ethnicity, Latin Americans, Quito, South America, South American, South American ethnicity, South Americans, boy, boys, child, children, female, females, girl, girls, group, groups, kid, kids, male, males, people, person, persons, playing, poverty, running

Clip information:

Description: Group of Ecuadorean children suddenly run toward and past the camera

Brand: Artbeats

Category: Lifestyles

Source: High Definition Video

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Not Applicable

Talent Release:
Not Released

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