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Clip name: B016-C026A

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Clip length: 41:06 (time in seconds:frames)
HD Clip with Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
PROGRESSIVE (1920x1080, 752 MB)
Clip length: 33:00 (time in seconds:frames)

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Seamless Looping: No
Matte Provided: No
Delivered Codec: PhotoJPEG
Raw Audio: No

Clip Keywords: America, American, HI, Hawaii, Hawaiian, Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian aerials, Honolulu, Oahu, Pacific, US, USA, United States, Waikiki, bay, bays, bodies of water, body of water, building, buildings, capital, capital of Hawaii, capitals, cities, city, coast, coastal, coastline, coastlines, coasts, high rise, high rises, high-rise, high-rises, highrise, highrises, ocean, oceans, sea, seas, skyline, skylines, skyscraper, skyscrapers, state capital, state capitals, water, waters

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Description: Flying past high-rises along Honolulu's Waikiki Beach. Shot in 2010.

Brand: Artbeats

Category: Aerials

Source: RED ONE Camera

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Not Applicable

Talent Release:
Not Applicable

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